Through the sheer experience of tens of thousands of successful moves, Melbourne Piano Movers are the trusted solution for all scenarios including difficult access.

Experience IS the difference!


Sometimes stairs are just not an option. In those situations a crane may be the most efficient means of moving your piano in or out of the property. And whilst at first this may seem like a complex solution, with the right experience and equipment it's economical, quick and stress free.

We have many successful moves completed using cranes. Our staff are experienced in performing this task well, and the crane suppliers and partners we use have decades of experience and are the best in the industry.

Melbourne Piano Movers are your one-stop difficult access specialists!

melbourne piano movers stairs2

Taking a piano up or down stairs requires a variety of different techniques and different specialist equipment depending on your piano and unique situation. It definately requires training and experience.

That's why stairs are best left to the experts at Melbourne Piano Movers.

Why risk damaging the piano, the house, and worst of all the people involved? It's just not worth it. Call us to make the near impossible look easy.